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Beyond: Two Souls – Q&A (2013 Tribeca Film Festival)

The event was attended by more than 900,000 people on live, in the chat, while I was watching, all people are very excited about graphics and can not wait to come out on October 8. The talks, after watching 35 minutes of the game, were very interesting, the actors and David Cage talking about their experience on game set.
“Reaction on the first day they were completely lost” say David Cage about actors “and he asked where is the camera, well there is no cameras are camera three sixty degrees around you so we don’t need to look at some something in particular, well what about the lighting welder there’s no acting what about the martin” “here for beyond its it was complete
Eric+Winter+SONY+Quantic+Dream+Present+Beyond+1oat9fPXm9blchange because first of all we recorded everything at the same time
facial animation body animation or would you and we had to up to six or seven actors on set at the same time”.


Eric Winter : “he walked us through the process like a champ and really guided us in. I thought we are a lot of fun the other became a just a minute and make them easier”

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