Get To Know Eric Winter

Eric Winter

Nickname: Don’t really have an official one, but I often get called E for short
Website You Check Every Morning:
 USA Today and ESPN
Current Pop Culture Obsessions: Probably Twitter…definitely not twerking
Hidden Talent: Ummm, juggling and making hiccups go away instantly
Top Five Most Played Songs on Your iPod: “Bezerk” by Eminem, “Holy Grail” by Jay Zand Justin Timberlake,”Black Skinhead” by Kanye West, “Give It 2 U” by Robin Thickeand “Started From the Bottom” by Drake
Your First TV Crush:
 Alyssa MilanoWho’s the Boss
Which Other TV Character Could You See Your Character Dating: Carmen Luna,Devious Maids…Would be fun!
If You Could Guest Star on Any Other Show:
 House of Cards
Favorite TV Snack:
 Granola or trail mix
If My Costars Had to Describe Me in One Word, It Would Probably Be: Smart ass…guess that’s two words
Fill in the Blank:
 I’m most excited for [NFL football] this fall


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