Know A Little More About ERIC WINTER


Barbara and me (Cristina) got to know Eric Winter watching Moonlight, we liked how he played the part of Benjamin Talbot, an upright public prosecutor attracted by the proactive Beth.
From that moment we desired to know him better, looking on the web and watching the movies, tv series he played into; we always enjoy his performances, he can take any kind of role.
One day my friend Barbara told me that we could could create a page on Facebook dedicated to Eric Winter, and we did it; but it was enough for us, we wanted to do more and so we decided to open a blog.
It’s our passion looking for news to publish, because Eric is a handsome man and also a beatiful person. We do not know him personally, but we can tell he does everything heartily.
A few months ago, something wonderful happened: I have been given the opportunity to administrate Eric Winter Fans on Twitter; a great joy, a wonderful gift and a way to communicate directly with him. He has proved to be very kind and sweet (we had no doubts though) and now he has granted us an interview.
Eric Winter thank you for your time, we love you.


1 ) What did you want to be when you was a child?
 EW : As a kid I originally wanted to be a veterinarian.. then that switched to a sports medicine Dr. I was confident I would always do something involving medicine or science.

2 ) You and your wife are involved in the social causes , especially for children, What kind of child were you?
EW : I was a very active kid. Always playing sports. They consumed my childhood. I always feel It’s important for kids to be active and have fun. It’s important to my wife and i to support causes that help kids and gives them a chance to be active.

3 ) What would be your dream role and with which director?
EW : I would love to play a very dark and complicated character.. that people would be shocked to see me in. Something I would have to totally immerse myself in and transform myself. Would love to work with martin scorsese.

4 ) Which kind of role do you like playing?
EW :  I love playing a very layered character with flaws. A guy people can relate to and feel for whether good or bad

5 ) What movies do you like to see ?
EW :  I honestly love all types of movies… I LOVE to laugh so great comedies are the best. However I love a great drama.. a smart creative festival type film. Sometimes a big blockbuster (guilty pleasure) movie as well.

6 ) What future dreams for your daughter Sebella ? Would you like  your daughter to become part of the world of entertainment?
EW : My future dreams for Sebella a broad.. I want her to dream big and believe she can go after whatever makes her happy… Dr, musician, artist…whatever…I am a believer in her discovering her own passions…even with the influence of some of my own. I want her to be a hard worker that’s driven. I can’t wait to see what excites her! I know she will be successful in whatever she does…

7) we are Italian … and for us, this question is a must
Have you ever been or are you think coming to Italy? (We hope…..yes)
EW : Yes I have been to Italy a couple of times and to quite a few different cities. I’ve been to Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Pisa, Sardinia and others… LOVE Italy…honestly! Not sure when I will be going back, but I can’t wait to take another trip there!


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