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Interview Eric Winter Farah Fath – Days of our lives

We found this old interview of Eric Winter and Farah Fath, it seemed interesting and enjoyable we decided to present it again

After a long time of being “always a bridemaid, never the bride,” Days of our Lives Farah Fath (Mimi) and Eric Winter (Rex) were finally given a storyline, and it was a doozy–Mini had daytimes first abortion in 20 years. Yet, they’re still on the back burner. Here’s the actors’ take on their status, that controversial plot twist, and the two names they wish were obliterated from their characters vocabulary, pronto!

Soap Opera Weekly: Was the abortion story your chance to move front-burner!
Eric Winter: The abortion storyline was definitely an opportunity to be put in the forefront, but it was so controversial that it didn’t have the full effect it could have. It never felt like the front-burner story, because it was kept so under wraps.
Farah Fath: They were so scared, so hesitant to do the story, they they downplayed it. It could have been bigger than it was.
Winter: Right now, we’re not at our peak. We’re supporting cast for Shawn and Belle. We had this huge abortion story going on, but the entire time we were so concerned about keeping them together. We’ve had bigger story in the past, like when Mimi and Rex first got together, when Rex was going through his bipolar disorder and headaches, when Cassie died…

Weekly; Why do you think the writers chose Mimi to have an abortion?
Fath: My character was the obvious choice. Mimi is the young girl. She’s impressionable. She and Rex have sex a lot. Personally, I think Mimi would not have made that choice, but they wanted to do it for the shock value.

Weekly: What was your reaction when you first learned about it?
Fath; I didn’t think I was going to like it, because it’s against my beliefs personally. Then, as I was reading on down the line, I saw that Mimi regretted it. I thought that would give me, as an actress, a chance to portray a sense of remorse, which was necessary. I wanted fans to feel for Mimi, not hate her because of it.

Weekly: Were you actually worried fans might hate Mimi?
Fath; Yes. (Executive producer) Ken Corday asked me right after it aired, “So have you gotten any hate mail yet?” Actually no.
Winter: I can attest to (the fan responce), because I go on a lot of personal apperances. They aren’t mad at Mimi at all. Every fan comes up to me and says, “Be gentle with Mimi. Be nice to Mimi.” It’s amazing. Fans love Mimi and will stand by her side.

Weekly: Farah, since the abortion isn’t something you believe in, did it make a more difficult to play?
Fath: Yes. I had a meeting with Steve Wyman about the story and said, “You know, I didn’t want to do this.” If it was going to be where Mimi just did it and then, whatever. I would have had to put my foot down. I told him I’m pro-life. So when you saw Mimi struggling it was because I didn’t want my character to do it. Steve told me that it was probably better for me as an actor to be pro-life. It showed the torment even more.

Weekly: Eric, how do you think Rex will handle learning the truth?
Winter: I can’t imagine that Rex will stand by Mimi. If you think of Rex back in the past, he was a hot-tempered, spur-of-the-moment, freak-out-over-anything guy. If he held it together over this, I’d be shocked.

Weekly: Do you ever talk about who you’d like to see your characters get together with if Rex and Mimi break up?
Winter: We’re very protective of each other.
Fath: We ARE (laughs) I don’t want Rex to be with anyone but Mimi
Winter: I feel the same way. We have this personal connection with each other. Truthfully, without Mimi, Rex would not have ever had a story.
Fath: He’s my lifeline too
Winter: Mimi’s always had a story, but it’s propelled to another level with Rex. We feel like we’ve helped each other. We’ve made ourselves more stable figures on the show, because of our relationship. So we have this strong tie to each other

Weekly; Maybe it;s all those bed scenes
Winter: They never show us in clothes (laughs)

Weekly: Was that awkward in the beginning?
Fath: Maybe a little, but Eric and I are good friends and he’s not like this gross guy. Eric Winter is NOT that gross. We both felt comfortable, because that’s our personality
Winter: The first love scene we ever did….Neither of us had done anything like that before. The director walked us through it and made us feel comfortable. All the crew supported us. But it was still awkward. Now it’s a walk in the park

Weekly: What’s it like playing the couple with the most active sex life?
Winter: What cracks me up is when fans come to apperances and their 6-or-7-year-old daughters say, “Rex and Mimi are my favorite couple.” I’m like, “Wow, they’re watching a lot of sex.”
Fath: It gives us a reputation. We’re known for that, and it’s funny.

Weekly: Have there been any mishaps during all of those bed scenes?
Winter: (To Fath) We’ve had your boob fall out a couple of times, but you’ve caught it. Surpringly, we haven’t had any mishaps.
Fath: It goes pretty smoothly


Eric Winter about gaffe on set: Days of our lives

What was your biggest on set gaffe?
When we were in a scene in the Brady Kitchen, i was supposed to fling a spoonful off jell -O over my shoulder. I flung it off the spoon and hit Alexis [ Thorpe, Cassie] in the face and everyone at the table started laughing. It was true, reality laughing because we thought they would say, “Cut”. But they kept the scene. Alexis flung same back in my face, which was not scripted. It was funny

Rex Mimi – River flows in you – The end…I wish it ended this way (FAN VIDEO)

Rex and Mimi are stronger than ever, after all they’ve been through. Rex proposes and she, of course more in love than never before – accepts. However, Mimi had been feeling sick for a while, but thought it was something else but knew there was a possibility of her being pregnant. Which she is, as she stands there in shock after hearing it from Dr. Lexie Carver. When in hospital for her ultrasound, Rex puts the engament ring on her finger. A few months pregnant makes Mimi a bit nervous, as she’s never been a mom and fearing that she’ll be a bad mother. With Rex promising her that their kids won’t have a bad childhood as they did. Mimi then gives birth to their twins, they get married and lives happily ever after.


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