Eric Winter Primera Hora interview translated

Interview Primera Hora here

By  Melba Brugueras

The actor feels fulfilled both professionally and in life alongside Roselyn Sanchez and their daughter Sebella.

Throughout his career, the American actor Eric Winter has had the opportunity to play different characters in television and film. But never a witch.

The husband of Puerto Rican actress Roselyn Sanchez feels like a child with a new toy for Lifetime Series Witches of East End, where he plays a sorcerer.

Eric Winter, remembered for his role on Days of Our Lives, Brothers & Sisters, The Mentalist and GCB, among other projects, is one of the protagonists of this series in which he plays “Dash Gardiner.”

The actor spoke to us for the first time on this new challenge in his career and, juggling it with his personal life with Roselyn Sanchez and their daughter, Sebella Rose.

How did the opportunity arises in Witches of East End?
I was offered the role. At first it was unclear whether my character would start to come into his own in the first season. When I studied (the character) what I found interesting was to expose the many layers of “Dash”. I mean, who does not like to do magic and time travel?

How do you prepare to play “Dash”?
I’ve been exploring. It is a character that represents a great challenge for different moods and feelings you experience. The character evolves. He now can do magic and becomes a dark character. By the way, I want to clarify that “Dash” is not at all like the way I am in real life

How do you feel about the fans of the series?
This year the response has been overwhelming my character. When they approach me, they say “Dash” is great and I think: ‘My God, but as recently as last week I killed someone in the series’. But fans love it.

What do you attribute the success of Witches of East End?
I think it’s the curiosity that people have about witches and warlocks. This whole issue of the supernatural, magic, are things that attract attention.

Do you agree that it is the era of supernatural creatures on American television?
Indeed, all that is unusual, what is mysterious has had great success. People have fun watching that kind of show.

Do you believe in witches?
(Laughs). I don’t believe in witches, but I can enjoy a magic act or a good illusionist.


On the personal side, what makes Roselyn special for you?
She has an extraordinary personality and a wonderful quality which is to help others with her charities. She is also a great mother, a wonderful wife, and a successful business woman. Always looking for ways to meet all of her commitments.

And how is Sebella Rose?
We are in the terrible twos! It’s so fun to have a conversation with her. She has this unique personality that kills me. She’s a 2 year old going on 20!… the things she says in conversation are hilarious. She is now taking swimming lessons, running around like crazy and loves playing with the dogs.

Would you like to have more children?
We would like to have at least one more. Having Sebella has been a blessing, but having one more would be awesome too.

You’ve come to Puerto Rico several times, what is your favorite place to visit?
There are so many … I like Vieques, where we got engaged. But there is something in Old San Juan that I find magical, i love El Morro. I have been all over the Island… Ponce, El Yunque. Every time we go to the island we try to relax for a few days and visit different places. I would like to go to Culebra next time.

Do you plan to participate in the next Roselyn triathlon ?
Yeah I’ll try, but it always kicks my butt every year (laughs). I am eager to start training


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