Witches of East End Boss Talks Dash’s Disastrous Consequences

by Rowell   SOURCE

As one Witches of East End fan said during the San Diego Comic-Con panel for the Lifetime supernatural series, Dash plays a great good guy and an even better bad guy.

For Dash’s portrayer Eric Winter, the actor says that the transition to a darker Dash has been great and “incredibly fun to play.”

OMFGTV sat down for an intimate chat with the Witches showrunner Maggie Friedman, where she talked about Dash’s dark side.

“What Eric’s done with the role is that Dash is going to all these dark places,” Friedman says, “but he’s still essentially likable and you root for him even though he’s having this descent into darkness which is hard to play and pull off, but that’s what makes the character so cool. You still really like him and want to see him succeed even though he’s done some messed up stuff.”

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In an upcoming episode (Sunday, August10) Dash does some good with his new-found power and resurrects a dead patient. Unfortunately for Dash, he does not know of the dire repercussions that will follow. Dash s2

“Something will get worse if [Dash doesn’t] take care of it the right way,” Eric Winter tells us.

“There’s disastrous consequences to that spell,” Friedman adds. “It’s something that Ingrid went through last year. In Season 1 she resurrected Wendy when Wendy died and there were some disastrous consequences, and now Dash did a similar spell and is going to have to figure out how to pay a price as well. It gets pretty dark and it’s pretty cool. That’s one of my favorite storylines.”

The August 10 installment titled “Boogie Night,” was one that Winter enjoyed working on. “That whole episode was a great episode for me as an actor to play.”

Witches of East End airs Sundays at 9pm on Lifetime.


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