Eric Winter talk about Dash and Witches of East End

Eric Winter (Dash Gardiner, Brother Of Killian, Son Of Penelope, Fiancée Of Freya)

How a name like Dash pretty much defines his character: His full name is Dashinell. It really kind of sums him up, doesn’t it? Dash Gardiner, superhero at night … it’s quite the name. He’s no Rex DiMera (his “Days of Our Lives” character). On paper, he looks like he has everything and has it all figured out. That’s what you see in him a lot, but as you start to learn a little more about him, he’ll continue to evolve with the layers that he has. Nobody’s perfect and little by little, those flaws are going to come out.

On Dash probably being the most normal guy in town: He hasn’t witnessed some of the crazy stuff that’s going on although

he’s a doctor and the doctor in this small town, he has now stumbled across some of the phenomenon that has taken place. He is unknowingly brought into it a little bit.pizap.com13791914418321

On how he was brought into the show: I wasn’t a part of the original pilot, so the tone had already been set and I just kind of came into it. I was brought into a recast situation so my first time meeting everyone was here (in Vancouver). They reshot my scenes here. It’s a first for me, I’ve never stepped into a recast role. It was fun, it’s always interesting because you’re filling the shoes of somebody … it can be an awkward situation. I had worked with Mädchen before (on “Viva Laughlin”) so that made it easier and everyone else has been really nice. It’s an intriguing situation to fall into.




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