Eric Winter the beginning as a model

Before his acting roles, Eric was a male model and had some high profile campaigns, such as one print one for Tommy Hilfiger.

Eric began high school at a meek 160 pounds, but proceeded to bulk up with extensive weight training and nutrition. Senior year came and Eric was 225 pounds. He started to play football his first year at Mt. Saint Antonio College in the city of Walnut. However Eric says, “I lost the drive for the game that year.” Eric looked to succeed elsewhere. Eric realized that there was more to life than football, so he decided to transfer to UCLA. During the year, Eric shed 30 pounds of the bulky football build.

As soon as Eric thought he had figured out his path in life, he came across another fork in the road. “A girlfriend of mine that was involved in acting suggested I should model. I took pictures and she sent them to her manager which in turn sent the pictures to a print agency.” As quickly as that happened, he got his first job, a print ad for Magic Mountain Water Park. Eight months later he received the opportunity of a lifetime: the Tommy Hilfiger Campaign with Rebecca Romijn Stamos. The print ads featured every Hilfiger line. From this point on, modeling consumed Eric’s life. He took time off school to further his career. Modeling took him all over Europe, where he would strut the elite runways of Milan, Paris, London, and Spain. Eric did print ads for Iceberg, Sky Vodka, Men’s Italian Vogue, and Diesel Clothing. Despite his success in modeling, Eric finished school and obtained a degree in psychology from UCLA.

Here are some photos

Eric Winter picture 28644





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