Eric Winter On Katherine Heigl, ‘The Ugly Truth’ – 07/21/2009

Q: Hi, Eric. Do you think that a lot of men really think the way Gerard Butler’s character Mike does in the movie? – Uinterview User
A: There are definitely some men who do. There is a lot of truth in what he’s saying. And there’s a lot of truth in what [Katherine Heigl’s character] is feeling. Men who are trying to find that happy medium between both personalities [in a relationship] is a great way to go into a dating scenario. You definitely want to open up and be who you are. The message is for women to open up to a little of what’s going on with the man’s psyche and men, too, to understand what’s going on with women. There’s got to be that compromise. There are no qualms in trying to find that.
Q: Have you ever known a woman as OCD as Katherine Heigl’s character? Have you ever been on a date where a woman’s done crazy things like her? – Kevin, Washington, D.C. – Uinterview User
A: 1000%. I’ve gone on a few dates that were like that and the check came quicker with those dates. It’s a little bit overwhelming when a woman is that controlling, especially on a first date. It’s overbearing. The fact that any woman can have a checklist is pretty fantastic. But I definitely appreciate a woman who knows what she wants and can put it out there and be yourself with it. Someone who just forced, for example, their views on politics or life on you like date one, there’s a lot of other things we could talk about on date one. I’ve had an instance where it became the longest dinner. I think I ordered three extra drinks to get through it.
Q: What was your favorite scene in The Ugly Truth? – Kimberly Owens
A: I have to say the baseball park scene is a really funny scene. It just came together well and it’s a funny moment.

Q: What was your favorite scene working with Katherine Heigl? – Kimberly Owens
A: I was very lucky, we had a lot of great moments together. We just laughed a lot during this movie. The content when you’re going through the script and the way it plays out in the movie provide for so many normal life scenarios that you bring up just in conversation in between takes so her and I had a blast in every scene we were shooting. We always had fun.


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