Eric Winter interview Los Angeles Times July 24, 2009|Mark Sachs

What’s “The Ugly Truth” about the Battle of the Sexes? Actor Eric Winter, who costars with Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler in the rom-com premiering citywide tonight, offers a tidbit or two.

“I play Colin, the neighbor of a woman (Heigl as Abby) who is so Type A that she has compiled a checklist of what she thinks the ideal guy should be,” says Winter, 33. “And as it turns out, she thinks that guy is me. And Gerard Butler plays a colleague of Abby’s who’s going to coach her on what to do to make me want her. It’s a lot of fun.”

Personally, Winter has gone AWOL from the Battle of the Sexes, marrying longtime actress girlfriend Roselyn Sanchez (Elena Delgado on “Without a Trace”) last November in Puerto Rico. The honeymooners now live in equally exotic Studio City, where all their favorite weekends begin.

Fore! Five. Six . . .

My one personal escape is golf, which I really discovered in the last year. I was an athlete when I was younger and played a lot of sports, including golf, but I always ended up throwing around my clubs in frustration. I’ve got a better attitude about it now. It’s a great challenge. I play all the public courses, like Griffith Park and Simi Valley. I’m trying to get my wife into it.

Thinking original

For dinner with friends, we love the original Katsu-Ya in Studio City. It’s a traditional sushi house, very basic. For a more upscale version, we can go to the one in Brentwood, but the original has kept us pretty loyal. For one thing, their sashimi is the best in town as far as just how fresh the fish is and how it melts in your mouth. But they also have these great concoctions that they’ve developed, like the almond scallops and their specialty rolls.

It’s wafer thin

A really good Italian spot in the Valley is Mezzomondo. They have the best spinach ravioli I’ve ever had, bar none. Such a thin, thin ravioli, and handmade. Honestly, it’s the best. And the place itself is just so warm and homey, a simple trattoria.

Getting physical

We’re both big exercise buffs, and we love being active outdoors, which is why we like hiking in Fryman Canyon. It’s crowded, but there are a couple of offshoot trails where you kind of get away a little bit. We have four dogs that we bring sometimes, but that can get a little chaotic.

Musicals and more

When a good play comes to town, particularly to the Pantages, I never miss it. I saw “The Producers,” “Wicked,” and I saw “Chicago” here, we really love the theater.

We also go up to the Getty when we get a chance. We love the ArcLight for a movie. This is a great town if you just get out and find out what’s going on.



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