Eric Winter – The Magic Ordinary days (2005)

Release Date: 2005 Duration: 120 min
Cast: Eric Winter, Keri Russell, Skeet Ulrich

Eric Winter : Walter

Categories: Movies, Romantic drama, Romance Film, Drama, Period piece
The Magic of Ordinary Days is a Hallmark Hall of Fame production based on a novel of the same name by Ann Howard Creel and adapted as a teleplay by Camille Thomasson. It was directed by Brent Shields, produced by Andrew Gottlieb and stars Keri Russell, Skeet Ulrich, and Mare Winningham. The film first aired on CBS on January 30, 2005, and received an encore broadcast on the same network exactly five years later. In 1944 a young woman, Livvy Dunne (Keri Russell), who became pregnant before marriage, is sent to rural southeastern Colorado. Her father, Rev. Dunne (Daryl Shuttleworth), decides to deal with the situation by arranging her marriage to a shy farmer through another preacher. The groom, Ray Singleton (Skeet Ulrich), lives on a remote farm and is very different from Livvy. Ray focuses on what is close to him: his family, his land, and today. Livvy thinks on a much grander scale: the world, ancient civilizations, and faraway places. Ray’s farm utilizes the help of Japanese Americans from the nearby Japanese American internment camp, Amache. Livvy befriends two well-educated Japanese American women, Florence “Flory” and Rose Umahara (Tania Gunadi and Gwendoline Yeo). She finds


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