Eric Winter: Sebella Is an ‘Amazing’ Traveler

Sebella Rose World traveler?

Taking to the skies for the first time at only two months old, the daughter of actors Eric Winter and Roselyn Sánchez is already racking up the pages in her passport.

“We went to Bogotá, Colombia where my wife was shooting a miniseries. We were very nervous because the flight was long and it was the first time traveling with Sebella, but she did amazing!” the proud father, 35, tells PEOPLE. “She slept pretty much the entire time.”

With Winter recently wrapping his new film, Fire with Fire, and Sánchez, 39, currently working on Devious Maids, the new dad admits they are still learning to juggle their professional lives with parenthood.

“We are adjusting the best we can. Our work is unpredictable and requires a lot of traveling and [relocating], so we just take one day at a time,” he says. “[We] make every decision with the well-being of our daughter as priority.”

All the air time has allowed the first-time parents to pick up a few tricks along the way, including healthy habits and a fun way to keep in touch with friends and family.

“We always carry Vitamin C with us and take some (Sebella, too!) before takeoff,” Winter explains. “We [also] never leave home without our T-Mobile HTC One S. It’s the perfect way to share photos of Sebella while we are away.”

According to Winter, the phone allows those back home to never miss a milestone — and lately, the 6-month-old baby girl has had much to celebrate!

“She’s always smiling and giggling. She recently discovered her voice, so she’s constantly trying to have a conversation,” the doting dad shares. “When she wants attention from us she has a specific scream that she does to get our attention. We are blessed that she is healthy and a very happy baby!”

– Anya Leon



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