Rex Mimi – River flows in you – The end…I wish it ended this way (FAN VIDEO)

Rex and Mimi are stronger than ever, after all they’ve been through. Rex proposes and she, of course more in love than never before – accepts. However, Mimi had been feeling sick for a while, but thought it was something else but knew there was a possibility of her being pregnant. Which she is, as she stands there in shock after hearing it from Dr. Lexie Carver. When in hospital for her ultrasound, Rex puts the engament ring on her finger. A few months pregnant makes Mimi a bit nervous, as she’s never been a mom and fearing that she’ll be a bad mother. With Rex promising her that their kids won’t have a bad childhood as they did. Mimi then gives birth to their twins, they get married and lives happily ever after.



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